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Saeko Ando, a contemporary artist - lacquerist, merges traditional Vietnamese lacquer-craft skills and painting techniques learned from past generations of lacquer masters with original methods she developed over decades of experimenting with Vietnam's natural lacquer.

Saeko's artworks seek to give physical form to the process of utsuroi, the impermanence of all things and the transience of Nature, by harnessing Vietnamese natural lacquer's characteristic for change over time.


Photograph: Lucia Baragli

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Based in Vietnam since 1995, Japanese artist Saeko Ando studied Son Mai - Vietnam's traditional lacquer art - under the guidance of artist Trinh Tuan, lacquer master Doan Chi Trung, and lacquer artisan Lam Huu Chinh. In 2000, Saeko's mastery of this traditional art form led to her acceptance as the first foreign member of the Hanoi Art Association.

Saeko graduated from Waseda University in Tokyo in 1992 and holds a Japanese degree in Philosophy. She does research into lacquer art and shares her findings via lectures, conventions and symposia. 

photograph: Hitoshi Hayashi



“Asian Art in London 2021”, Gallery 8, London, U.K

“Vietnamese Son Mai”, CHON Auction House, Hanoi, Vietnam
“COLLECT 2020”. Somerset House, London, U.K
“Asian Art in London 2020”, Gallery 8, London, U.K

“Art in the Forest”, Flamingo Dai Lai Resort, Vinh Phuc, Vietnam
“Asian Lacquer Craft Exchange Research Project in Shanghai”, Shanghai university, Shanghai, China
“Asian Art in London 2019”, Gallery 8, London, U.K

Lacquer Friends of the World, Museum fürLackkunst, Munster, Germany
Asian Art in London 2018, Gallery 8, London, UK
The Voyage of the Art of Lacquer at Gallery SOIL, Hong Kong

“Urushi Jewelry Vol.4”, Gallery Okariya, Tokyo, Japan
“Art Kaohsiung”, The PIER-2 ART CENTER, Kaohsiung, Taiwan
“Asian Art in London 2017”, Gallery 8, London, U.K
“Asian Lacquer Craft Exchange Research Project in Bagan”, Lacquerware technology college, Bagan, Myanmar

“Asian Art in London 2016”, Gallery 8, London, U.K
“Asian Lacquer Craft Exchange Research Project in Hanoi”, The Vietnam Fine Arts Museum, Hanoi, Vietnam
“Masterpiece in London 2016”, South Grounds The Royal Hospital, London, U.K
“Asian Lacquer Craft Exchange Research Project in Chiang Mai”, Chiang Mai University Art Center, Chiang Mai, Thailand

“Art Kaohsiung”, The PIER-2 ART CENTER, Kaohsiung, Taiwan
“Asian Art in London 2015”, Gallery 8, London, U.K
“Young Art Taiwan”, Sheraton Grande Taipei, Taipei, Taiwan

“Asian Art in London 2014”, Gallery 8, London, U.K
The 60th Anniversary of the Establishment of Diplomatic Relations between Myanmar and Japan, “Asian Lacquer Craft Exchange Research Project in Bagan”, Lacquerware Technology College, Bagan, Myanmar

Solo exhibition “JAPAN IN ME”, Japan Foundation, Center for Cultural Exchange, Hanoi, Vietnam

“Resonant Uruwashi–New Vibrance in International Women's Urushi Art”
Yamawaki Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
Gallery of Kyoto City University of Arts @KCUA, Kyoto, Japan
Kitakata City Museum of Art, Fukushima, Japan

“Kizuna project- Female Urushi Artists' Solidarity with the
People of TOHOKU-”, Aizu Urushi Art Festival, Fukushima, Japan
“Women, Art, Hanoi”, Maison des Arts, Hanoi, Vietnam
“Here, There, Everywhere - Open Lacquer-”, Trans Cultural Exchange, Boston,America

Solo Exhibition“Le Petite Exhibition”, UZU Gallery, Hanoi, Vietnam

"TheIshikawa International Urushi Exhibition”, Meitetsu M'Za, Wajima Museumof Urushi Art, Ishikawa,Japan

“The World of Vietnamese Lacquer paintings” Kyoto City International Foundation, Kyoto, Japan
Japan Foundation Forum, Tokyo, Japan
Sapporo Miyanomori art Museum, Sapporo, Japan

“Texture of Life”, Cay Son Gallery, Hanoi, Vietnam

Solo Exhibition tour “Vietnam Tales”
Gallery Shimada,Kobe, Japan
Gallery Kissho Do, Kyoto, Japan
Tokyu Hotel Nagoya, Nagoya, Japan

Solo Exhibition “ThoatXac-Moulting-”, Indochine Park Tower, Ho Chi Minh City,Vietnam
Solo Exhibition “Chao Dong Chi!”, Mayfair Apartment, Hanoi, Vietnam
“Vietnamese Lacquer painting”, Fujita Vente, Tokyo, Japan
“Hanoi Metropolitan Art Exhibition 990th anniversary of Thang Long Hanoi”, Nha Trien Lam Trang Tien, Hanoi, Vietnam

Solo Exhibition “SsssshhhhH!”, Hotel Nikko Hanoi, Hanoi, Vietnam

Solo Exhibition “Heads or Tails”, Café des Arts, Hanoi, Vietnam

“Three Female Artists”, The Centre for Exhibition and Artistic Exchange, Hanoi,Vietnam

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